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Is there any way a teen can get calcium besides drinking milk?
i just found out that skim milk has 12g of sugar!! i'm a teen, but i dont want to have that much sugar. would it be ok to take a vitamin instead?
soymilk is the way to go
it tastes really good too

vitamins will work too
What will drinking a half a cup of milk do to a teen thats 3 wks preggie?
Well my boyfriend told me to drink a half a cup of milk and let him know what happens. Im scared he may be trying to harm the baby and not tell me. What will happen if i do this? An before i eat anything
A doctor would recommend that you drink a lot of milk or eat cheese during pregnancy. It will not "do" anything except provide you with extra calcium, which you need while pregnant.
Whether a 19 year teen girl will be having milk in her breasts or not ?
Im 22 year boy. I want to drink breast milk. Im having a 19 year girl friend, whether i will be able to achieve my wish by her.
that's nasty
What type of milk is best for teen ?
what type of milk is best for teen to grow bone and get taller. That not make fat.?
that I can easier to find at store
thank you so much!
Breast milk!!!! HAHA just guyding.
1% lowfat or organic milk healthier for a teen?
which is more healthy for a teen girl? i need to drink more milk, but i dont know which is better for me. thank you!
1% low-fat or 0% skim milk is ok if you are not lactose intolerant. There is no scientific research that indicates organic milk is any better. Just don't buy unpasteurized raw milk which is very unhealthy.
Is it bad for a teen not to drink milk?
I hate the taste of milk.
And im worried aboutmy bones.
u must worry about bone health now u dont start now u will have problems later in life
take a calcium pill
or have orange juice fortified w/ calcium and vitimin D
or have cottage cheese and yogurt and cheese
soy milk goat milk
choc milk strawberry vanilla milk?

those are options of getting calcium and u need calcium
Is 2% milk healthy enough for a growing teen?
I LOVE MILK! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! And my family gets 2%. And that is the milk I drink. Is that healthy enough for a teen?
Skim milk or even 1% would be a little healthier. Once you become a teen you don't really need the extra fat. But 2% is better than whole milk, at least.
How does a teen stay healthy as a vegetarian?
I recently became a vegetarian (though by the end I was only eating a few meats and keeping kosher) and I really like it. I eat a lot of veggies, tofu, sprouts, fruit, soy milk, stuff like that. But as a teen girl I am worried that I will not get enough protein or iron. Is there anything else you suggest I do to stay as healthy as possible? Thanks a ton!!
Be sure to take a multivitamin every day. Because you are still growing it is very important that you are getting enough vitamins. Be sure to eat legumes, nuts, seeds and/or eggs 2 - 3 times a day to get enough protien, and minerals. Iron should be in your supplement because you will get less in your diet and as a woman you need to have it. Eat a variety of leafy green vegetables (vegetarian or not) kale will have vitamins and minerals in it. If you aren't getting enough leafy greens take some greens plus (or another brand, basically it is a bunch of green food put into a powder or capsule) to be sure that you are getting enough vitamins.
What is the average sugar intake of a healthy young teen?
Ok, just wondering, some people say its 35 grams but how is that possible if they recommend you to eat healthy things like milk, fruit and veggies when they contain alot of sugar. like b/c they say to drink 3 cups of skim milk a day for better health when each serving of milk has 12 grams of sugar which is already alot of sugar, i'm trying to be a healthy teen buy eating veggies and fruits and whole grains as on the health pyramid but my sugar intake seems to be high, so i'm just asking cause i do not want to have diabetes. any advice?
well there is a difference the sugar you are getting in your fruits and your veggies are natural sugars while the sugar you would get in say cookies candies and cakes and junk would be processed sugars. as long as you exercise frequently 2-3 or more times a week, and don't overeat. you should be fine moderation is the key. good luck and god bless

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