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Can Gay Marriage pass and define gay marriage as butt buddies in US?
The goverment dont want to corrupt marriage so we can come up so everyone can be happy! all homosexual will have exact same rights as married couples. but instead of refering gay couples as "butt buddies" get it?
Hardly quantifies lesbian couples, now does it?
What does Texas Joe and his butt buddies bring to the table besides Nothing.?
Formerly High Mtn Wanker, Not going to go on
about Texas Joe or his butt buddys anymore,
the hell with what they say, and what they do.

They know what kind of slime they are, they
know what they bring to the table. NOTHING.
Texas Joe, does the fun never end?

To repeat, High Mountain Tracker aka Chief Scout aka Tim McCoy aka Bill Elliott aka Independent Conservative aka What Me Worry, et al
has notified their law firm on the Pine Ridge Reservation (Dewey, Cheatham and Howe) to take immediate action and bring an injunction to ban your purchase of pork chops.

You think it's funny. Wait until your next visit to the butcher and he looks you in the eye and says, "No chops for you."

Then you'll have to resort to back alley deals, black market chops. That person selling you those porkers, when did he last wash his hands?

I once told him that the periods were his big "tell". Lord knows I'm not the light of the world but this poor fella is a couple sandwiches short of a picnic.

Darn, your correct - Ron & Right Wing Hawk., together again just like Tracker and Chief Scout. He's obsessed with those periods.
Cena just signed a 10-year contract??? Are he and Vince butt buddies behind the scenes or something?
Does Cena literally kiss the bare as# of Vince, Linda, or HHH behind the scenes?

Because this is just so unrealistic that he's getting super extra special treament. It's almost funny actually.
Maybe a little.
The last 10 year contract the wwe signed w/ anyone (Mark Henry) it turned out to be a total bust. But in Cena's case, lets face facts, it may be a very wise decision.
Cena is very popular w/ guys. These guys are gonna grow up to be wrestling fans for life. That spells dollar signs for wwe.
Cena's tested the waters in music and movies, and although not a complete bust, he has figured out that without wwe support, he's not going to have much of a career outside the ring. Cena's still quite young, and if he takes care of himself, can retire in style in 10 years.
Realistically, the contract benefits both parties. No need for them to be butt buddies... Though I wouldn't rule it out... ;-)
Would Chris Mathews and Chris Wallace make good butt buddies?
Who would be on top ?
Mathews is as objective as Fidel Castro, about world affairs.

There is something about traitors, socialists and sissys, they are always on the same team. Its the ones who hate America that most that benefit from freedom. something they do not value.

I think both Mathews and Wallace are bottoms in their private lives, in political reporting they are on top, always trying to screw America. Lets not leave out Michael Moore, a dirty socialist who needs justice similar to Osama.
Are england and scotland butt buddies?
me (a scot) and my friend (a czech) are debatingwhich country is better, and he said that scotland and england are butt buddies. is this true?
i guess so, but most countries have them

Australia - New Zealand

Canada - USA

czech rep - slovakia?
Is Isaac Graham And Pranay Singh Butt Buddies?
How did you find out,,now they will be upset
What does the term butt buddies mean?
if i called 2 girls butt buddies what does that mean?
If you called women that it means nothing...that is usually a derogatory term used towards gay men.
NRHH: Which users do you think are secretly butt buddies?
Big KRIT or Freddie Gibbs?
Yelawolf or Kendrick Lamar?
Blu or Fashawn?
Me And You N*gga

Kendrick Lamar
When did everyone become such good butt buddies with Matt Z?
When did folks start sucking his d*ck?

I find you kinda suspicious friend. First you come here as a troll then all of a sudden you change. Who are you really? Explain yourself pal.

I know my way around these parts. [=

Thank you and welcome.

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