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Do black girls wear shorts?
I no that in film clips they do but in general like to the mall and stuff.Becouse I'v never seen black girls wearing shorts wear I live.I bought a pair of shorts but I feel uncomfortable to wear them.There not full on booty shorts but they are short.
of course!! race sooo doesn't matter on wht u can wear or can't (unless ur religious)
go wear em and show those shorts off!!
Would this look fine.?
So I was thinking about buying a new outfit for school(with my money -_-)
Then a pair of Skinny jeans(black)underneath since Its winter haha
Then the accessories are these
Bracelet:… possibly that Idk if I'll wear a bracelet or not
Would this look cute? btw I'm in the 7th grade..
Dress- Cute, but i like gray better
Skinny Jeans-WEAR TIGHTS. much classier.
Necklace- TACKY
Bracelet- TACKYYYY
Hair- Cute!
Where can I find a Family Guy clip of Jerome and Quagmire?
In the episode "Jerome is the New Black," there's a bar scene where Jerome and Quagmire quote the movie Airplane. Jerome says "You know what they say: see a broad to get dat booty yak 'em..." and Quagmire joins in and says "You lay 'em down and smack 'em yack 'em!"

Anyway, I told my cousin about it and he said he'd like to see it (because he memorized the original jive conversation from Airplane), and I can't find it. Little help, please.
Here you go, I believe this is what your looking for:…
Who had the better verses on "The What" by The Notorious B.I.G. or Method Man?
The Notorious B.I.G.:

I used to get feels on a b****
Now I throw shields on the d***
To stop me from that HIV s***
And n***** know they soft like a Twinkie filling
Playin the villian
Prepare for this rap killin
Biggie Smalls is the illest
Your style is played out, like Arnold wondered
"What you talkin bout Willis?"
The thrill is gone, the black Frank White
is here to excite and
throw d*** to dykes
B****** I like em brainless
Guns I like em stainless steel
I want the f***** Fortune like the Wheel
I squeeze gats till my clips is empty
Don't tempt me (T-H-O-D Man)
You don't want to f*** with Biggie

Welcome to my center
Honies feel it deep in they placenta
Cold as the pole in the winter
Far from the inventor, but I got this rap s*** sewed
And when my Mac unloads
I'm guaranteed another video
Ready to die, why I act that way?
Pop Duke left Mom Duke
The ****** took the back way
So instead of makin h*** suck my d*** up
I used to do stick-up
Cause h*** is irritatin like the hic-CUPS
Excuse me, flows just grow through me
Like trees to branches
Cliffs to avalanches
It's the praying mantis
Deep like the mind of Farrakhan
A m********** rap phenomenon, plus

Method Man:

Here I am, I'll be damned if this ain't some s***
Come to spread the butter lyrics over hominy grit
It's the low killer death trap, yes I'm a jet black ninja
Comin where you rest at, surrender
Step inside the ring, youse the number one contender
Lookin cold booty like your p**** in December
N**** stop b******, button up ya lip and
From Method all you gettin is a can of a**-whippin
Hey, I'll be kickin, you son, you doin all the yappin
Actin as if it can't happen
You front and got me mad enough to touch somethin
Yo I'm from Shaolin, Island, and ain't afraid to bust somethin
So what cha want *****, ya punk n****
I got a six-shooter and a horse named Trigger
It's real, ninety-four, rugged raw
Kickin down your god damn door (and it goes a lil somethin like this)

Verse two, comin with that Olde E brew
Meth-tical, puttin n***** back in I.C.U.
I'm lifted troop, you can bring yours wack a** crew
I got connections, I'll get that a** stuck like glue, huh
No question, I be comin down and s***
Yo I gets rugged as a m*********** carpet get
And n***** love it, not in the physical form but in the mental
I spark and they cells get warm
I'm not a gentle, man, I'm a Method, Man!
Baby accept it, utmost respect it

Biggie-(Assume the position)
Method Man-Stop look and listen
I spit on your grave then I grab my Charles Dickens
I gotta say it was equal on this track.
Is this a good idea for a costume! 21yrs old.?
Okay so I am going to the exotic erotic ball this year since i turned 21 this year! Its a lil risque and I dont wanna be too outrageous but to where i feel like i fit in there! Hows this for a costume? Its simple cuz i dont have TOO much money!

Its gonna be kinda like a fallen angel, Ill be wearing a blood red bra, red ruffly lace booty shorts, red heals, the clip in red devil horns, ( not the stupid headband devil horns ) by hair will be big and wavy, drak eyes, blood red lips, and these huge black feather wings!!

This is a lil out of my comfort zone and id not normally wear stuff like this but I def. dont wanna be "over dressed" sort to speak! Does that sounds okay without showing TOO much? I mean a bra is like swimsuit top and the booty short will cover my entire booty! lol.

this is the thing im talking about.

I've never been, and i dont know what to really expect other than fromt hsi website, and what other have told me! If anyones been advice would be much appreciated!

You'll fit in just fine. From the looks of it, you may be a bit overdressed.
I saw a clip of a Kristal Marshall upskirt video on Youtube but has been taken off. Neone know where's it at?
Kristal Marshall upskirt booty butt phat wwe divas diva hot black
sounds hot, no idea where it is, if u find it send me a link
Labour bag - Have I over packed or missed anything?
I'm 16 years old, 37+4 weeks with my first baby and I've looked upon countless lists of what to take but they all say different things - so confusing!

In my bag I am taking:

For baby:
3 Sleep suits
3 Bodysuits/vests
2 pairs of scratchmits
2 Hats
Going home outfit: Booties, T-Shirt & Dungarees
2 Muslin Cloths
Cotton wool balls (75pk)
Travel Wipes
12 Nappies
Cellular Blanket
Teddy comforter/cutchy
Small tube of Bepanthen if it's needed

For Me:
Maternity pads (10pk)
Breast pads (6) I was advised not to take loads as it takes a few days for your milk to come through and I know for the first three days you only produce colostrum. Is this correct of me? I have more obviously and can get my o/h to bring more in if needed.

A Large towel
Toiletries: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Vitamin E facial wipes, Shampoo ect.
Lots of hair bands/clips
Chap stick/Lipsil
2 Comfortable, stretchy outfits
Maternity Bra
6 Pairs of black cotton underwear which can be disposed of
Breastfeeding cream

Plan on taking two bags one for myself and one for my baby and getting my boyfriend or another family member to bring it in later on. Also getting snacks/drinks closer to the time.

Have I over packed, would anyone suggest anything I've missed or anything I won't actually need.
Sorry for the huge list! I guess I'm paranoid and want everything to go right.
Three sleepsuits/vests is fine as it's always wise to have a few spares. I took three with my son and by the time he was five hours old he was in his third one lol, he pooped on the first and puked on the second.

Personally, I would leave his going home outfit at home to save a little bit of space and just get your other half to bring it in with him on the day you go home. Same goes for your going home outfit.

You could probably do without the Bepanthen, their bums don't generally get sore that early into their life and if he did get a sore bottom then the hospital will have cream they can give you. You won't need a blanket at the hospital as they will supply this but get your partner to bring it on the day you go home for travelling with. You probably won't need the wipes either as the nurses/midwives normally bring round little bowls of water and cotton wool for cleaning the babies. Everything else for baby seems fine though.

For you, you will need something to wear in labour if the hospital don't provide gowns (a nightie or a t-shirt). My hospital didn't supply gowns unless necessary but it didn't matter to me anyway, I got caught up in what I was doing and forgot to change into my nightie. Unfortunately I was wearing one of my more expensive shirts and it got very messy when they delivered my son onto my chest. You're fine for the amount of breastpads. Have more maternity pads at home that your partner can bring in as you will go through a lot in the first couple of days. If you run out then most hospitals will supply them (all NHS hospitals will have pads available), I really recommend the ones with wings - Mothercare sell them and they are really good as they stay put.

A towel is good, so are toiletries (if you can get travel sized toiletries then even better). Chapstick, yes! It's so dry in hospital and chapstick is a life-saver. Make sure the knickers you've gotten have a waistband that reaches past your bikini-line. On the very small chance that you might need a c-section (hopefully you won't!) you don't want underwear with an elastic waistband that sits right on where your stitches will be - granny panties that keep your belly-button warm are the way to go lol.

Everything else is great. The only things I would suggest are a camera, some loose change in case you need anything (for example most hospitals have a pay TV attached to each bed, you have to buy cards), your mobile phone (if you have one), and a book or magazine (or some other entertainment) for when everyone has gone home or between visiting hours (some hospitals have a two hour time period during the day as a "rest period" where no one can visit including partners).

Best of luck for everything and if you forget anything your partner can bring it in for you!
Back to school style help?
So, I wanna come back this year different. My personality has shifted so I want my style to reflect that. Last year (10th grade) I wore like tank tops, cardigans, skinny jeans, flip flops, flats, etc.

Now I want to revamp my style into two things.

The first is very gossip girl inspired. Tights with the designs in them like this :…


The style would consist of cute dresses, dressy jeans, sophisticated tops, long coats, colorful headbands, pretty floral prints, kinda of boho high necks (no boobage) flats and booties. catch my drift? but i'm afriad this will take a long time to do in the morning.

So my second style epiphany is girly rocker i'd say?

skinny jeans, low rise black converse, vans, band tees (not tight, but fitted) with cardigans, big purses, no coloful jewelry, just pearls and studs. and cute hair clips and pins, like fliiiirty. does this sound weird?

Leave suggestions, opinions, etc :]

10 pts ! :]
i think that the second look is really cool and it doesn't sounds weird to me at least and yes,best of luck!!!!!!!!
What do you think of Rap song?
The title of the song is Party Crasher. I'm trying to make Rap album. I have a backgorund beat chosen. Here are the lyrics.

Party Crasher

Me and the crew will knock you out and steal your chick
I have the guts to ruin the fun and be the king of the clique.
I’ll drive my car right through the brick wall and make time freeze.
I got my bodyguard to make sure no one steals my keys.
Hell yeah, this party is over, I’m taking over the land.
I have guts to make everyone scream like a black metal band.
We out to boost this **** up; It’s too damn plain.
Don’t rebel; we win the ******* war like John McCain.
When we enter all hell will break free.
There’s the principal lying on the floor, I gotta take a pee.
Yeah were here to kill the D.J and change the rap hits.
Go to Playboy Mansion; bring back the big ****.
This is it Sky High for once is in the throne.
Back sass me; I’ll crush your MP3 and cell phone.
Say more diss, buckets of piss, tramp give me a kiss.
Things we do while we having a good time.
I never lose focus, we always keep the rhyme.
Everyone follow us, this party is now ours.
If the cops show up, don’t worry were not cowards.
Yeah were crashing this dump, but no one will interfere.
Stop rebelling, move your ***, get me a beer.
Crank the songs up, so the speakers can blare.
When that ghetto booty jiggles, we going to stare. (Men of course)
Raise your hands high to respect our appreciation.
You never going to be like us; sign the “I don’t have a chance application”
Do the latest dance moves, you girlfriend flirting with another guy
Stealing T.Vs and dirt bikes, that’s the **** were not gonna buy
God ordered us dance our asses off and clip them back on.
We going to the field that Babe Ruth ran on.
Don’t hide in the corner, being shy and nervous
When I’m running the dance, it’ll feel like a ******* circus
Spraying graffiti on the wall, next trashing up the hall
All of you tired that was fun, kick *** party, Yea I guess were done.

Yo, Yo
I’m the party crasher, I’m the window smasher, I’m the dead body stasher.
Winning your fight; Keeping your cash tight, Being in the spotlight.
(3 Times)
it's alot better than what i expected.
Is this a cute costume?
So I'm thinking about being a sexy,(not slutty), skunk for Halloween.LOL!
So here's what I was thinking...
- Short black dress
- Skunk tail attached
- Rhinestone choker( It's really cute it was my grandmothers , It's not cheap and plastic, Not real either).
- Grey high heeled booties by Chinese Laundry
Also, I have dark brown hair so I was going to curl it and put it into a pony tail that goes down my back with some white clip in extensions in it.

Maybe some fishnets..mabey bare legs... not quite sure yet.

Any suggestions, changes, critiques or opinions?
ITS PERFECT! snap some photos and post it on halloween i bet its gonna look amazing =) great ideas so creative and innovative

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